Will Of Courage - Community Tribute Mosman December 2018
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Community Tribute December 9,
A community initiative led by Survivor Selina Win Pe
Balmoral Park Balmoral Beach

Community Celebration Balmoral
Community Celebration Will Of Courage
Community Celebration Woc

The Will Of Courage Community Tribute


Led by Selina with the support of her Family, Friends and her very highly regarded Community was successfully held December 9, in a very personalised to the special memory of Tori Johnson & Katrina Dawson.


This marked their Will Of Courage and Selina’s own forward journey to help and inspire those she can impact.


We gifted a total of $20,000 in loving memory and remembrance preceding the fourth (4th) year anniversary, continuing the legacy of Tori and Katrina.


$10,000 to each Family.


2019 the Will Of Courage New Chapters will thoughtfully with an authentic focus, correct setup structure and due diligence.
Governance & Transparency will realise.


With careful preparation and planning. We will carefully assess the scope and ongoing goodwill community support strategy.

Unveiling a range of community based initiatives in early 2019 to strengthen human connections and sustainability partnerships where we can all help as a community in some small way, difference to the lives of others.


The Power Of Community, is indeed empowering.


Featured in the press

This website will be further developed. As the WOC next Chapters evolve in 2019.